A Himalayan Love Story

 17-Sep-2018    By  Anupama Menon

Joella Lynch, 30, and Hemant Somasekharan, 32, met 3,000 m above sea level, as teachers, in a boarding school meant for the underprivileged children, in the Royal Academy of Bhutan. 

One day, Joella came to know that Hemant wakes up at 6 am every day and goes for a jog. She asked him if she could also join him. Hemant consented to Joella’s request. “I thought it would be a good chance to have a conversation with someone from a new culture and country,” says Hemant. They kept up their daily walks with views over the snow-peaked Himalayas, even as the temperature dropped down below the freezing point. Subsequently, the companionship bloomed into a pleasant love.

“Joella is from U.K. and grew up in Sunderland. She is kind and compassionate. I wonder why she liked me the most of the many people who were fond of her. Fortunately, our way of thinking matched very well. Our interests were aligned too. Besides Joella’s parents already had an inclination towards Indian culture. Following, I met her parents and things got escalated fast.  To add, our school colleagues too encouraged us to knock down the wall. However, coming to my personal side, I grew up in a fairly traditional Indian household.  In my family, most people have had arranged marriages, and even going outside the caste is difficult, let alone marrying someone who’s Agnostic, taller than me, from another country… unimaginable, but life works in funny ways, and finally with the blessings of both the families, we got married on February 9, 2017, at the Banquet Hall of “Bhaskareeyam”, in Kerala”, blushes Hemanth.

Nuptial Knot

The wedding ceremony was held according to the Hindu tradition. Joella, the bride, looked gorgeous in her “off-white silk bordered Kerala Sari”. The gold ornaments added to her royalty. She had the makeup artist to doll up her glamour. The female relatives of the bride formed the thalam procession. They welcomed Hemant, the groom, dressed in a cream silk shirt and mundu, to the mandapam followed by the welcoming of the bride. After the wedding, a grand “Sadya” was held at the Banquet Hall.


Now it’s almost 1 ½ years since Joella and Hemant got married. The couple continued working in Bhutan till July 2018 and moved to the UK in August 2018.

They are blessed with a beautiful, inquisitive, 10 months old daughter, by the name “Kalyani”, who is currently in the walking stage.  Joella understands Malayalam well.  She joins every family celebrations and proudly claims that she can cook Puttu, Kadala, Dosa, Idli, Vada, Chutney, Sambar etc.

“We never really feel that we are from 2 different corners of the world unless someone reminds us once in a while. I don't think the culture difference means anything - all that fades with time - but love - that's the only thing that's forever and for us, it's all that matters”, says Joella.

“Joella is absolutely fantastic. She is unlike any other woman I've ever met or will ever meet. She is smart, articulate and very down to earth. These are the qualities that attracted me to her. There are always bumps in the road, but I’m glad that I have the right person to walk down with me”, Hemant heaves a sigh of relief.



Very humble words.
No matter how long the winter.
Spring is sure to follow.

   Orphy Prasoon  25-Oct-2018

Very well said. Love truly has no boundaries

   Ashwin   23-Oct-2018

Excellent ,well written
Loved reading it.
God bless.

   Roopa George  11-Oct-2018

Excellent ,well written
Loved reading it.
God bless.

   Roopa George  11-Oct-2018

Very well written, Excellent story and the way of story is very good and the message conveyed love is eternal...Waiting for the new articles!

   Hari Kumar Madhusoodhanan  25-Sep-2018

Very well written Anuchechi! You writing is very crisp and clear.

Look forward to more such pieces from you!

   Asha  23-Sep-2018

Good to see you do what you are passionate about. Keep up the good work 😊

   Anjali  22-Sep-2018

I loved the narration, Anu chechi. And it complimented the video so well! Please keep writing. I'd love to read more :)

   Rajani Muraleedharan  22-Sep-2018

Reminds me of my brothers classmate, became a highly successful Doctor settles in UK and married an English Nurse.His name is Kuriam.

   Pradeep Kpshy  21-Sep-2018

A brave effort to narrate a topic which is relevant now a days... Keep writimg..

   Sunil Kumar S  19-Sep-2018

Very cute and sweet. Lovely writing.

   Govind  19-Sep-2018

Anupama, well narrated.....As we read, getting the feel of....as the characters are communicating with us.......... well depicted.....caste, creed, culture etc can't be barriers for human bonding........... keep writing dear Anupama.....

   Shaju k k  19-Sep-2018

Nice... Writing.. Liked the story..
Looking forward to more...

   Anjali Sreekumar  19-Sep-2018

Fantastic presentation!! Really had a feel like watching a movie. Expecting more from you.👍

   Sudhin  19-Sep-2018

A bond of love as strong and mighty as the Himalayas, expressed as simple as the cool breeze .. touching the hearts... keep the good work going all the bests

   Subadrabhaskar  19-Sep-2018

Nicely narrated in sequence and in very simple language. Keep writing.

Look forward to see more like this

   Pradeep Nayar  19-Sep-2018

Nicely narrated in sequence and in very simple language. Keep writing.

Look forward to see more like this

   Pradeep Nayar  19-Sep-2018

The writer has put her heart and soul in this beautiful love . As we read we get the feel of as though the lovers are telling us there life stories.

   Alex  19-Sep-2018

Love is beyond cast Creed and terrain.a good love story narrated in simple words.good work keep it up and keep writing.

   Sivadasan p  19-Sep-2018

Good Article. Nicely written. All the best for future write up.

   John K Thomas.  19-Sep-2018

Excellent. Very well written. Continue your quest for finding new interesting subjects.

   Valsala karunakaran  19-Sep-2018

Good write-up. 👍

   Arjun Krishnakumar  19-Sep-2018

It's a beautiful story of love, well presented . Narration is so eloquent and flowery. Born in any part of the world if love , repect and bond exist you will have a beautiful world around. Bonds beyond boundaries is well depicted. Joella didn't have any cultural shock. Instead she became the daughter in law of this great country accepting this great culture which is unparalleled. Let us again Scan their life ten years from now. Possibly we could learn more dimensions of love from them.

   Sreekumar Ramaiyer  19-Sep-2018

Nyc Anuchechi 😍

   Resmi  19-Sep-2018

Very nice ; beautiful language

   NEETHU BABU  19-Sep-2018

Keep it up

   Mohanachandran Kandoth  19-Sep-2018

Nicely Written.
Just continue....O

ALL The Best

   Sreenivas Pillai  18-Sep-2018

Simple and short. But well written. Best wishes anu cheachi. 😊

   Anand  18-Sep-2018

A unique love story,nicely expressed,conveying a strong message that there is no culture difference and love remains for ever.All the very best Anu😃

   C HARIDASAN   18-Sep-2018

Well written Anu. Waiting for more of your write ups

   Mini  18-Sep-2018

Super!!! Looking forward for more such stories!

   Anubha  18-Sep-2018

A short love story very well expressed in simple way with good flow and small sentences. A great start. Keep it up.
C R Warrier

   C R Warrier  18-Sep-2018

Nice story. Very well written. Good language. Keep going.

   Bhagyalakshmi  18-Sep-2018

Awesome narrated love story. simple language & heart touching lines. Best wishes my sweet Anuchechi...

   Aswathy  18-Sep-2018

a short and sweet love story..underlines what's most essential in a good relationship beyond boundaries...well done!

   anwar  18-Sep-2018

Very interesting , the way of expressing it. Good.

   Aswathy  18-Sep-2018

Very nice😍😍

   Bindu  18-Sep-2018

Nice Writing....
Best Wishes.....
God Bless.....

   Bobbin P Issac  18-Sep-2018

Went through a live experience of a very unique love story. Nice writing by Anupama mam.

   Abijith  18-Sep-2018

Superb chechii...All the bedt amd may god bless forever....

   Neetha Sudheesh  18-Sep-2018

Nicely written and well articulated. All the very best.

   Abhilash  18-Sep-2018

Nice Language.....All the very best Madam....
Abhilash (https://koodorukkam.in/)

   Abhilash-koodorukkam  18-Sep-2018

Great write-up.. All the best!

   Ammu sara  18-Sep-2018

Very nice write..😍

   Pradip kumar  18-Sep-2018

Wow! nice narration .......... with a message that True love is the strongest bond between human beings. It can break all the barriers........

   Yanuna Sivadas  18-Sep-2018

Well written....Keep going :-)

   Praveen Kumar  18-Sep-2018


   Rajith  18-Sep-2018

Good.. keep it up.

   Abhilash P R   18-Sep-2018

Well covered with language of warmth, tradition and inspiring outlook! Keep it up..

   Thomas Stephen   18-Sep-2018

Very Nice!!!

   Nitin Verma  18-Sep-2018

Wow, very nice write up... God bless

   Manjula Iyer   18-Sep-2018

Nice,keep it up,go on writing.

   Your beloved sister  18-Sep-2018

Lovely writing

   Keerthana   18-Sep-2018

Your narration and presentation is really good. Keep on writing. All the best Anu.

   Bindu  18-Sep-2018

Very well depicted in an interesting and gripping manner. Viewing. this I felt I was part of the wedding journey of this very interesting couple.
Anupama Menon my compliments to you for this wonderful narration

   Dr Alka Jayaswal   18-Sep-2018

Excellent. Keep it up

   Anto Joseph  18-Sep-2018

Such a beautiful story, well narrated. Thank you for writing this and let us read.

   Avinash  18-Sep-2018

It's not a write up..... it's Hemanth. & Joellas magical bonding transcending the barriers...... well done Madam... keep on writing...

   Deepesh  18-Sep-2018

Loved the intro!!! Loved the writing!!
Good luck Anu!!
All the best!!

   Deepa Vincy  18-Sep-2018

Beautifully Narrated! Especially, '.......met 3,000 m above sea level, as teachers' :)

   Aswathi   18-Sep-2018

Really nice...

   Juvin  18-Sep-2018

another dimension of love well articulated.
keep rocking Anupama

   roopesh  18-Sep-2018

Caption and narrative is very nice. Love knows no boundaries..!!

   Giridharan  18-Sep-2018

Well narrated. The way you presented their eternal love took us to different level.

   sreedevisasidhar  18-Sep-2018

Hi Anu,

Well written! As the write-up basically shares the whole idea of two people bonding and has conveyed the message that No boundaries can keep two people in love -seperated

   Vandana Agarwal  18-Sep-2018

Wow.. how beautiful written :)

   Sneha  18-Sep-2018

Beautifully Narrated! Especially, '.......met 3,000 m above sea level, as teachers' :)

   Aswathi   18-Sep-2018

Really nice...

   Juvin  18-Sep-2018

Great write-up...may god bless them to live a long life forever.

   Deepthi   18-Sep-2018

Very nice writing.....God Bless!!!

   Ullas  18-Sep-2018

Very simple and nice story but there is a confusion that 11/2 year old marriage couple has 10 months old child

   Radhakrishnan  18-Sep-2018

Nice writing

   R.Ananthanarayanan   18-Sep-2018

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