Privacy Policy

Your personal information is safe with us as the owner of doesn't share your personal information with any third party nor do we keep information about you other than to analyze content performance through the use of cookies. We collect information through this technology so that we could make our website, content and services provided to you more interesting

We use cookies for a variety of purposes, including tracking usage on our site in order to enhance our guests' experience on the site and to learn more about the viewers’ preferences and interests. We also use this technology to analyze the traffic patterns on our site, such as the frequency with which the users visit the site.

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Privacy on Comments

We allow our viewers to express their opinion on the articles published in this site, but the viewer’s discretion is a must for this process. The owner of this website has the ultimate right to edit or delete any comments which don’t follow this guideline properly. Scenarios where comments are deleted include;

  • Comments which are offensive and rude
  • Blasphemous comments
  • Using obscene or foul language
  • Comments which could hurt the sentiments of other people
  • Revealing personal information of other people
  • Comments that target a person
  • Spams will also be deleted
  • Not just comments, links which are found inappropriate for the topic will also be deleted

The owner of also has the freedom to change the terms and conditions at any time with or without prior notice.