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Ganesha on Peepal Leaf LG012

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  • Ganesha on Peepal Leaf Brass Coated with 1 Gram Gold,
    Peepal tree is very auspicious. A peepal leaf is a beautiful leaf, that itself is a piece of art and the leaf plated in gold is like a beauty framed in gold. From hundreds of leaves, the best is selected and it is plated in gold. A small image of Ganesh is stuck to that, which can be placed on your vehicle’s dashboard.
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Ganesh is considered to be the god who removes hurdles.It can bring good energy,Suitable to keep on Car dashboards.Good sign that can be kept in car/vehicles.Material : Brass coated with 1 gram gold,Color : Golden,Weight : 80g,Height :16cm,Width: 10cm

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